Sunday, April 26, 2009

I love Napa!

Updates! Dustin and I spent a marvelous 2 weeks in beautiful Napa Valley, aka Wine Country. We decided not to get drunk this trip, maybe next time. Instead, we took full advantage of our surroundings and recreation. We went hiking, mountain biking several times. We went sailing, almost died white water rafting, baseball (Giants vs. Padres) and ate great food! etc. etc. We were doing some kind of activity every day. It was awesome! We were able to stay with some family friends. I will have to say it is now one of my most favorite vacations spots.

The first of our hikes. It was probably the most intense of the trip. It was pretty much a continuous incline. What a tree hugger!

Easter Sunday! I have never gone an Easter without dying Easter eggs and despite Dustin's scroogey attitude towards Easter traditions he was kind enough to humor me and my inner child. He always does the cutest ones.

We couldn't go to Northern California without spending at least a day in San Francisco. We walked the entire city and pretty much saw everything you could see. We mapped out our mileage of how far we walked and discovered that our sore feet were well deserved. We walked a total of 13 miles.

Macy's was having their botanical gardens which is where the decorated the who store with beautiful flower creations. The flamingo was definitely my favorite.

We HAD to stop at Mrs. Fields for a cookie. The smell was too mouth watering to pass by.

Dustin and I love to watch Iron Chef and on a few episodes they have used Gooey Duck which, as you can see, is somewhat disturbing. It doesn't actually have anything to do with a duck, which I am sure you guessed. It is also known as a King or Elephant Trunk Clam. I would like to try tasting one one day. Personally I just think it looks like a nasty tongue.

We made the most awesome discovery ever while walking around trying to find find a park. We turned a corner and there sitting before us was a statue of the one and only Yoda. So of course we had to take a picture with him. Then, while Dustin was on the phone with someone, I decided to venture into some random building behind him. Lone and behold it was a George Lucas museum. We were in heaven. There were life size replicas of Darth and Bobo Fet as well as the lightsabers and a few other gadgets from the movies. It was the coolest discovery ever.

Dustin with Darth

Me, trying to be Bobo Fet

We also walked over to the planetarium where they have this beautiful architecture. It was like a Greek temple.

Our second hike... We made our way to a cave that had some serious graffity. Not as exciting as we thought it would be. There was, however, a perfect seat for Dustin to pose. A special prize for anyone that can guess who he is trying to be. :) What a dork.

Dustin, in training for the Strongest Man in the World competition.

One of my favorite adventures we had was the Jelly Belly Factory. We went right after our hike so that is why I look so retarded (besides the hat). :) It was so cute. We went around on a little tour and saw how they make the Jelly Beans. At the end of the tour they give us each a little bag of Jelly Bellys.

Look how happy Dustin was after we went. It was almost as good as Disney Land.

Dustin finally took me sailing! We found a little lake in the middle of Oakland that rented sail boats for a super good price. It was a beautiful day with a perfect wind.

Dustin was kind enough let me take charge for a few minutes.

Our last hike in Napa was amazing. Once we reached the top we could see all the way to downtown San Francisco. Gorgeous. We were so high we were looking down on the birds.

The last few days of our trip we went white water rafting and to a Padres Giants game. Pictures to come! I will have to explain all about the white water rafting trip when I post the pictures. I am surprised that one of us didn't ask for a divorce after that one...


The Smaellies said...

It looks like you had an awesome trip! I love all of the pics!

Tiff said...

You two are the cutest Ashley. Napa is on the top of my list lately...looks like it was awesome~

shelly said...

Wow -- what an incredible trip you had! Did you go see the Redwood Forest on the other side of the bay?

Hewards said...

I'm so glad you finally posted, I've missed the adventures of Ash. I am so jealous you and your hubby are able to do such amazing things together. It looks like you guys are truly best buds. I really need to get my hubby out for vaca.

Cathy said...

We love you guys so much!!

Rich, Brittani, and Nugs said...

I am jealous you spent so much time in napa with my family! I miss it there...but it is also my favorite vacation spot too.