Sunday, June 7, 2009

Destination... Anywhere!

It's time for another adventure...
So we decided to pack up and head out to Zion National Park and Moab. Dustin and I had been wanting to go to Colorado in the summer time for a while and decided to make it our final destination. I wanted to see my family and also see my brother Josh in The Wizard of Oz. He made the part of the scarecrow in a children's theater improv play. We will be seeing that this coming Saturday but I did get a sneak peek...

I think he is pretty much the best scarecrow ever.

Anyway, I will get more photos and a review following the play on Saturday.

On to what we have done so far...

First we camped out at Zion National Park.
Our favorite hike there was definitely Angel's Landing but the Narrows was pretty sweet too. In The Narrows you have to walk through varying depths of freezing cold water but it was pretty fun. Angel's landing is a straight up shot to a beautiful cliff that overlooks almost all of Zion. It is definitely not for those with a fear of heights. You do get to hike up some pretty sweet rocks while hanging on to chains.

Here we are right before the most intense part of the hike. We thought we were done and then we turned the corner and saw this:

It was such a gorgeous view when we got to the top, worth every effort.

Here is the view at night from our campsite at night. It was so peaceful and pretty.

The Narrows... was wet.

The next day we made our five hour drive to Moab.

It was like an adult jungle gym! We climbed all over.

Dustin with Delicate Arch. I almost felt like it was a celebrity.

Landscape Arch.

This it the last of our hikes at moab, Devils Garden.
Dustin discovered that it had an amazing echo effect so we decided to have a yodeling contest. We are dorks.

Here we are at the Double O arches. You can't see it but there is another mini arch right underneath the one you see here. This is why we are doing O faces.

The Devil's Garden

This is some random cave we found off to the side of the hike. Dustin called it the womb... maybe it will give me some good luck. :)

We were planning on staying in Moab another day but when we got back to our camp a sandstorm decided to erupt. So we got back in the car and made our way to Highlands Ranch. So that is where we stand now. We have had such a fun time being home so far. We have some fun plans coming up so stay tuned! :)


Lois Lane said...

This brought back memories of my family's annual trips to Zion. I miss the hikes, but not the heat.

bbreck said...

I love that Angel hike! I have never hiked Narrows that looks great!

ERK and MRK said...

So Fun! What an adventure. Eric and I were just thinking of you both the other day and were going to call and see if you wanted to play. We are also planning on going to Zions this summer too, thanks for the beautiful pics, looks great!

Carolyn said...

so much fun! i love all those places and all those hikes.

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