Thursday, November 5, 2009

Proud of our Little Garden

Since moving to L.A. Dustin and I have found little time to really relax. We are so busy with school that we hardly even get to see each other. There is one thing, however, we have found to relieve a little stress and that is gardening. I know, we sound like a little old man and little old lady, but really, it is so fun! You get to take a break, go outside, talk to your plants, feed them, eat them...

Our landlord was kind enough to let us use one of his planter boxes in his backyard (our front yard) to plant a garden in. We decided, being that it was too late for many vegetables, to start from seeds and look what has happened in only 2 months!

I would like to thank my mom for passing on her knowledge of gardening to me and also Dustin for all his hard work and research!

Collard Greens, sugar snap peas, cabbage, spinach, carrots, cilantro

These are our carrots, not quite ready to harvest yet but getting there

Our cabbage, I think the little head is kind of cute :)

Our peas. Delicious! The first thing we have actually been able to eat

This is my little hanging basket I started from a tiny little plant. It loves me. :)


bbreck said...

Gardening is a huge stress reliever for me too. So sad to see it end. Your garden looks great. Have fun.

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