Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Dusty II

Dustin had one of those birthdays this year that seemed to last about 2 weeks. We celebrated his actual birthday in Colorado on the 24th of March. For one of his presents we went snowboarding at Copper mountain together, along with our brother in law Gabe. The conditions were perfect!! It was the most beautiful day and we pretty much had the mountain to ourselves.

If you look real close you can see the sick grab by Dustin on the half pipe. He is the red spot on the left of the picture. I was pretty proud that I caught him in the act.

After our day on the slopes my parents wanted to take Dustin out to dinner. The whole family met at Costa Vida where we ate amazing food and had a custard cake (YUM!).

Ash and Jonah at the party.


Anonymous said...

See here

ERK & MRK said...

Eric and I LOVE Costa Vida! It's so tasty! Hopefully, your birthday will last at least 2 weeks this year. Is that red dot flying through the air Dustin? That's crazy, nice photography work!

Bryce and Katie said...

Happy Birthday Dustin!

Tyler and Garianne Heward said...

ASH! Where have you been all my life. So you got married : ) lol You and your hubby are the most beautiful couple ever. Keep in touch I miss the good old days in Colonial, unforgettable.